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AMP 90

CAS NO: 124-68-5
Korozyon inhibitörü ve dağıtıcı olarak kullanılır.
AMP 90 Dipersant is a multifunctional specialty additive containing 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol. This mobile liquid with a
relatively low viscosity remains liquid at temperatures as low as 4°C/39°F to permit easy, convenient handling. AMP 90 use
benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Acts as a co-dispersant for particulate systems
• Efficient amine for resin neutralization
-High base strength
-Relatively low odor
-Relatively low molecular weight
• Acts as a formaldehyde scavenger
• Corrosion inhibitor for steam-condensate lines
• Key component of low cobalt-leaching metalworking fluids
• Useful raw material for synthesis applications
• Component of powerful anionic emulsifier systems
• Multiple FDA approvals for indirect food contact applications
POLYETHYLENE AND WAX :AMP 90 is an effective emulsifier by either normal emulsification techniques or those
requiring pressure.
Water borne coatings: AMP 90 is a very efficient amine for neutralizing the carboxylic acid moieties in acid-functional
resins to make them suitable for use in water-borne coatings and other aqueous applications. Such coatings formulations
exhibit higher gloss and greater water resistance than do formulations based on other neutralizing amines.
Boiler-water systems: Corrosion in boiler-water systems can be controlled successfully by use of
AMP 90 Dispersant as the amine additive to remove CO2.
Metal working fluids: AMP 90 is a high performance alkanolamine, proven as a multifunctional additive for
metalworking fluids. It is a highly efficient alkalinity enhancer which also provides corrosion inhibition properties. It is
resistant to microbial degradation and does not leach cobalt from carbide tooling. As an added feature, AMP enhances
the performance of triazine biocides while reducing levels of airborne formaldehyde. AMP 90 does not contribute to ammonia
release as do some other amines.
personal care: AMP 90 is compatible with virtually all fixative resins. Its high base strength and low molecular weight
allow formulators to use significantly less AMP for resin neutralization. It can also be used to neutralize Carbomer resins,
in emulsification together with stearic acid, and to make amides and other derivatives used as cosmetic ingredients.
late x emulsion paints : AMP 90 is a very efficient co-dispersant for pigments. In addition, AMP 90 contributes pH
stability, low odor, and anticorrosive properties, as well as promoting acceptance of colorants.
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