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The origin of Acar Kimya is based on the Greek origin Sokrati Karacaoglu who has established the first group company Selale Kimya in Istanbul Beyoglu. Selale Kimya is the first company in Istanbul which produced distilled water. In 1980, Cengiz Tuncel has taken over the company and he established Acar Kimya for import and export. Next generation is now managing the company since 2009
Being in a constant progress since its establishment up to date, our company is the distributor of CLARIANT, SHINETSU (TYLOSE), ALPAVIT and MICHELMAN. The marketing and sales rights of the brand Nordic Chemical Laboratories belongs to Acar Kimya in Turkey. 
Acar Kimya commits itself to supplying any and all chemical raw materials that customers may needs
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Our company offers chemicals to the following industries :
• Paints, Coatings, Polimerization and Construction chemicals ( Clariant, Michelman, Shinetsu, Nordic Chemical Laboratories )
• Pigments and Waxes ( Clariant, Michelman )

• Water treatment / Metal surface treatment chemicals
• Textile and Leather Chemicals
• Cosmetics, Detergents and Disinfectant chemicals ( Clariant, Shinetsu, Nordic Chemical Laboratories )
• Food and Feed Additives
• Pharmaceutical Industry ( Alpavit )
• Oil and Lubricants
• Crop Protection Industry

CLARIANT's Business Unit ADDITIVES is a major supplier of products for functional effects in plastics, coatings and printing inks. Non-halogenated flame retardants provide environmentally compatible protection for buildings, electric and electronic equipment as well as textiles and other materials used in aeroplanes, trains, busses and ships. High quality waxes are used in polishes, protective coatings, plastics and in a range of highly specialized applications like hot melts. Clariant also produces polymer additives like antioxidants, processing / light stabilizers, and antistatic agents eg. to give plastics flexibility and durability, or to improve the heat, light and weather resistance of coatings.
Clariant Additives serves the following markets along the whole value chain: 
• Coatings 
• Plastics 
• Printing Inks 
• Specialized Applications such as Cosmetics, Agriculture and Adhesives 
Clariant Additives products include: 
• Flame retardants: Exolit® 
• Polymer additives: Hostavin®, Hostanox® Hostastat®, Nylostab® 
• Waxes: Ceridust®, Licocene®, Licowax®, Licolub®, Licomont® 

CLARIANT’s Business Unit PIGMENTS is a leading global provider of organic pigments, pigment preparations and dyes used in coatings, printing, plastics, consumer products and other special applications. Our broad portfolio includes high-performance pigments and dyes to meet the exacting demands for automotive, industrial and architectural coatings, for the plastics industry, for special applications as well as colorants used in traditional printing, and inkjet and laser printers. 

Decades of experience and know-how means Clariant products have a reputation for technical performance and quality, an offer which is supported through global and regional technical service centers.

Clariant proactively ensures its products meet international standards and strives for being at the forefront of environmental, health and safety performance. 

SE TYLOSE ( SHINETSU ) is based in Wiesbaden, Germany, producing approximately 65.000 tons of cellulose ethers annually and is one of the world's most important suppliers.
The renewable primary raw material cellulose from wood and cotton is converted into various soluble types of cellulose ether in ultra-modern plants. 

With its manufacturing plants in Wiesbaden and Japan, Shin-Etsu is one of the world's largest suppliers of methyl cellulose. The company has recently decided to expand its HEC capacity through investment in a new plant in Louisiana, USA.
The majority of our approximately 500 employees in the Industriepark Kalle-Albert in Wiesbaden, Germany are engaged in the production, research, applications technology, sales and marketing of cellulose ethers.
Under the registered trademark Tylose®, the products are used in virtually all parts of daily life. The most common fields of application are the construction and the paint industry as well as polymerisation, ceramics and cosmetics

ALPAVIT is the market leader in quality regarding Lactose production in Europe. Alpavit has been producing milk- and whey powder for more than 40 years. First investments to produce lactose and whey protein concentrates were done beginning of the eighties.
The business has been growing year by year. 1989 Alpavit was founded as independent profit center to respond to our customers demands consequently

MICHELMAN's Licomer product range contains water based polymer dispersions and wax groups. These products are used in floor care, car, leather and shoe polishes.

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