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CAS No: 7778-18-9

Kalsiyum sülfat hemihidrat; Calcium sulfate hemihydrate; kalsiyumsülfat hemihidrat; kalsiyum sülfathemihidrat; kalsiyum sülfat hemi hidrat; kalsiyum-sülfat-hemihidrat; calcium; sulfate; hemihydrate; kalsiyum; sülfat; hemihidrat; Calcium sulfate hemihydrate; Gypsum hemihydrate; UNII-3RW091J48V; Gipshalbhydrat; Crystacal; Densite; Jips hemihidrat; gypsumhemihydrate; kalsiyum sülfat hemihidrat
CAS No: 7778-18-9

Calcium sulfate hemihydrate is a calcium salt that is used for a variety of purposes including: building materials, as a desiccant, in dentistry as an impression material, cast, or die, and in medicine for immobilizing casts and as a tablet excipient. It exists in various forms and states of hydration. Plaster of Paris is a mixture of powdered and heat-treated gypsum

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