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EINECS Number: 270-407-8

Anyonik ıslatıcı ve hava sürükleyici ajan, hava sürükleyici, hostapur osb, berolan LP 50, LP W1, LP W4,olefin sulphanate sodıum salt,
CAS number : 68439-57-6

EINECS Number: 270-407-8

Anionic wetting and air entraining agent

Exosel OSF is used as air entraining andwetting agent for mortars and plasters based oncement, gypsum or lime with the following properties:
Exosel OSF leads to a faster wetting of the solid particles of the dry admixture.

Exosel OSF is rapidly soluble and develops the mirco foam in a short period of time.

Exosel OSF enables fast air-entrainment in mortars and plasters and a controllable air content of 20 - 35%.
Exosel OSF builds pores with strong stability in the cement or cement - lime mortar or gypsum plaster board.
Exosel OSF improves the plasticity and workability of plasters.

Exosel OSF is highly efficient and raises the performance of the plaster of mortar.
Addition levels: 0.005 - 0.025 wt.-% on the dryingredients of the building mixture.

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