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CAS No: 61788-93-0


Genamin CS 302 D; genamin CS302D; Dimethyl coconut fatty amine, dist., Coco dimethyl fatty amine distilled, dimetil koko amin; genamin; cs; 302; cs 302 d; genamin-cs302; genamin-cs-302


CAS No: 61788-93-0


Genamin® CS 302 D is a raw material for the manufacture of quaternary ammonium compounds, betaines and amine oxides.
Dimethyl fatty alkylamines are valuable raw materials for the manufacture of surfactants.
These water insoluble tertiary amines can be readily converted to water-soluble salts, quaternary ammonium compounds, often referred to simply as "quats", are the most important.


Like cationic surfactants generally, they have substantivity for most materials, e.g. glass and cotton.
This property is utilized in many different industries, e.g. the textile, petroleum and polish industries.
Closely allied to this substantivity are the excellent disinfectant and preservative properties of these compounds.


This grade is composed of dimethyl coconut fatty amine, dist.

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