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genamin sh 100; genamin SH100; genamin SH-100; genamin-SH100; genamin-sh100; genamin; sh; 100

Genamin® SH 100 is a raw material for the chemical-techonological industry.
This wax-like grade is composed of stearylamine. Primary fatty alkylamines are liquid or pasty, water insoluble bases.
They are readily soluble in organic solvents such as mineral oil, isopropanol and chloroform.
This product is used as a raw material for the manufacture of fatty amine ethoxilates and fatty amine salts.
It is also applied as an antistatic agent, flotation agent, anti-caking agent, emuslifier for resin, and corrosion inhibitor.
Furthermore, it is used in the textile and leather industry.

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